The Kaartinen Family Association research and gathers all material related to our family roots. Since the foundation of KFA , we have collected existing family studies from Finland.

We have started to test our male members by DNA-test to solve our genealogy and other descendents. The results have shown us kinship among the Kaartinen family name. Pedigrees and DNA-tests tells to us that we share a common ancestors in the 15th century.

Our Y-chromosome results indentify us as a members of haplogroup I1. In human genetics, Haplogroup I1 is a Y chromosome haplogroup occurring at greatest frequency in Scandinavia, associated with the mutations identified as M253, M307, P30, and P40. Outside Scandinavia, distribution of Haplogroup I1 is closely correlated with Haplogroup I2a1, but among Scandinavians including both Germanic and Uralic peoples of the region nearly all of the Haplogroup I chromosomes are I1. It is common near the southern Baltic and North Sea coasts, although successively decreasing the further south geographically. The Migration Period or "wandering of peoples" may explain the dispersion of I1 into areas beyond northern Europe.