Activities of the Kaartinen Family Association

The 4th meeting of the Kaartinen Family Association was hold in Kuopio, in North Savo Regional Collage , from1st until 3rd of April 2008.

About sixty members of the Association were present.

The first meeting day began with the ordinary meeting of the Association
Aarno Kaartinen, the vice chairperson of the Association led to meeting with great experience.
No disagreements came out.

After the meeting members gathered together for the group photo. They also had an opportunity to change opinions and to present themselves.

Markus Kaartinen, the chairperson of the Association explained what DNA-test can tell for those who research one´s family-tree.
Quite a many members were interested in how to get a DNA-test, in that Markus Kaartinen was of great help.

Marjo Kaartinen, Doctor of Philosophy, gave a lively lecture about the xenophobia among Finns. Members of Kaartinen Family Association hardly have such a prejudice any longer, don´t they?

Later that evening continued being together, getting to know each other, singing and doing some exercises together.

Next morning after a breakfast more important and practical information followed.
Esko Kaartinen, Senior physician of Eira Hospital, Doctor of Medicine, had an interesting lecture about joint injuries and their medical care.
The medicine number one for all sorts of injuries is exercise. Two to three hours walking a day would do good for everyone.

At the end of the day some members went to a short excursion around Kuopio city center guided by Juha Kaartinen.

The 4th meeting was all together pleasant, days were sunny and services in the Collage were excellent.