Rules of KFA

The rules of Kaartinen Family Association were approved on the 14th of May, 2004 in the founding meeting of the society.
The amendment of the rules was approved on the 22nd of July 2006 in the meeting of the family society.

The Rules of Kaartinen Family Association

1 §
The name of the association is Kaartinen Family Association and its domicile is Helsinki with the scope covering the whole country. In the following text the association is called the Family Association or the Association.

The purpose of the Family Association is to illustrate the history and various phases of the family, to preserve family traditions and to contribute to the feeling of togetherness among the members.

The family strives to realize its purposes:

- by organizing meetings, family days, excursions and other similar events related to the activities of the society
- by collecting and filing information about the family
- by researching as well as assisting members to inquire into family history and by informing other members on the research results
- by publishing materials that contribute to the goals of the family society
-by promoting membership and by keeping a list of members

A person, of 18 years of age, whose father's or mother's family name is Kaartinen or who has joined the Kaartinen Family by marriage, is qualified to be admitted as a full member to the Family Association

A person who seeks membership has to inform the executive committee of his or her intension. The committee decides on the admission of new members and informs the persons about the decision after the meeting. The names of new members are recorded in the minutes. By joining the society a member commits him- or herself to the rules of the Family Association.

A member, who wants to resign from the Family Association, has to notify the executive committee or the chairperson thereof in writing; also a resignation notice can be given at the family meeting to be recorded in the minutes. A membership is void, if the membership fee is unpaid despite of reminders. A member can also be expelled at the discretion of the executive committee. .

A member of the Family Association has to pay a membership fee confirmed every three years by the ordinary meeting of the Family Association. If necessary, the fee can be revised in other meetings than the ordinary meeting. The need to raise the fee must be stated in the invitation to the ordinary meeting.
The membership fee must be paid annually, by the end of March to the bank account OKO-Arkadia 578010-20014059 automatically, without a separate bill being sent. The membership expires, if the fee is not paid despite of reminders.
The executive committee can grant an exemption from the fee due to the reduced solvency caused by old age, illness or other reason.

In order to receive information, members have to notify the person in charge of the membership register of the changes of post addresses or e-mail addresses.

By paying the membership fee multiplied by 20 at one time a person becomes a member for lifetime.

The members' children under 18 years of age can join the society as youth members. They don't have to pay the membership fee, but they are not entitled to vote at the Association meetings.

The committee can propose a person who has excelled in the Association activities for a honorary chairperson or a honorary member. The honorary chairperson and the honorary member are free from membership fee.

The executive committee shall maintain a member list.

11§ The affairs of the Family Association shall be handled by the executive committee elected at the ordinary meeting for the period of three years. The committee consists of eight members. The new executive committee starts its work in the beginning of the following year after the ordinary family meeting.

The committee elects a chairperson, a vice chairperson and a secretary amongst the members of the executive committee. The committee elects a treasurer and other officers among or outside the committee members. The chairperson of the executive committee is also called the head of the Family Association and the vice chairperson the deputy head. The executive committee has a quorum when the chairperson or the vice chairperson and at least three members of the committee are present.
The decisions are made according to the majority vote system. If the votes are equal, the chairperson has the casting vote.
The minutes ought to be kept of the committee meetings.

The executive committee can appoint other committees consisting of the family members inside or outside the executive committee to give assistance and support in handling special tasks.

The chairperson or the vice chairperson of the executive committee has the right to sign the name of the Family Association, together, or either one of them together with the secretary or the treasurer of the society.

In order to support its activities, the Association can receive contributions and legacies, organize fund-raisings and lotteries after having obtained the appropriate license.
The Association may own real estate property necessary for its activities. The executive committee decides on the use of the society resources in accordance with the membership fees, but the decisions concerning larger projects are taken at the ordinary family meeting. If necessary the executive committee convenes an extraordinary family meeting.

The accounts of the Association are closed and audited every calendar year. The accounts shall be given to the auditors for examination no later than three weeks after the end of the fiscal year. The auditors must give their written statement to the executive committee two weeks before the annual meeting. The statements are presented to the ordinary meeting of the family society that takes place every three years. The executive committee may convene an extraordinary meeting of the society to look into the financial matters if it considers it necessary.

The ordinary meeting of the Family Association is held every three years by at the invitation of the executive committee. The meeting place and the date are decided by the executive committee. The members of the society ought to be notified of the meeting at least four weeks before the meeting date by the invitation letter or the e-mail message.
An extraordinary meeting of the Association must be organized when a meeting of the Association so decides, or the executive committee considers it justified, or at least one tenth of the members of the Association entitled to vote so demands for the handling of a matter notified by them. The meeting is to be held within 30 days from the date the demand has been presented to the executive committee.

A chairperson, a secretary and two protocol inspectors are elected for the meeting of the Family Association. The matters to be decided on by the ordinary meeting of the Family Association include:
- adopting the annual report and accounts for the previous year
- discharging from liability for the accounts
- confirming the plan of action and the budget proposal for the next year prepared by the executive committee
- election of the members of the executive committee every three years
- election of two auditors and two deputy auditors to examine the current accounts and governance of the society
- decision on the membership fee during the calendar year
- deciding on the other matters notified in the invitation of the meeting

Every member of the Family Association present at the meeting, who is qualified to membership according to these rules as well as a lifetime member or a honorary member or chairperson has the equal right to vote. The motion to be carried by the society is the one supported by more than half of the votes cast, unless the qualified majority is required by these rules. In the case of a tie, the motion supported by the chairman of the meeting is to be carried. If the votes of an election are equal, the result is decided by drawing lots.

A decision to amend the rules or to dissolve the Family Association can be made at the family meeting only if this motion has been specifically stated in the invitation. The decision to amend the rules requires the support by the two-thirds of all the votes cast. The dissolution of the society requires the same two-thirds majority of the votes cast in the two consecutive family meetings held at least at two months intervals.

If the Family Association is dissolved, the last meeting has to decide on the manner how the property of the Association is to be used to promote the Association´s purposes.
The archives of the Family Association are to be donated to the National Archives.

The valid Association Act applies to all other issues.